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Of all online casino games, online slots are arguably the most popular options due to their ease of play, fun design and range of game winning special features. However, within the online slots genre, one finds a very special kind of game, with the potential to make you an instant millionaire from just a single spin! These are known as jackpot games and, if you’ve never played them, we’re about to show you why youRead More
Remember growing up and imagining what the future would be like? Anyone that ever watched Star Trek and then played with their friends, using mom’s old compact or something similar as a ‘communicator’, just like Kirk and Spock did in the show, will know what I’m talking about. Well, we’re officially living the future right now with mobile phones and tablets which we are beginning to use for everything under the, sun from entertainment andRead More
Casino games have been around for hundreds of years and most of them are based on other games that go even further back, some right to the beginning of recorded history! The modern casino is as much a part of popular culture as anything, thanks to Hollywood movies like 21, Hangover (the ‘rain man’ casino scene is especially priceless), and of course – the iconic James Bond franchise (when isn’t there a casino scene?). InRead More
Fruity King is proud to announce our association with rising Mixed Martial Arts talent Tim Barnett. Barnett made his MMA debut in February 2016 against Tyler Thomas and the Englishman has since enjoyed a meteoric rise in his career, with many now touting the 27-year-old to soon become a household name. After beating Thomas in his first professional fight, Barnett has quickly gone on to establish himself as one of the most promising talents inRead More
By James Smith: WE DID NOT FEED OUR SOFTWARE ENGINEER DOG MEAT! We couldn’t resist a bit of twitter mischief to highlight an important issue. Not a single dog was harmed during our latest stunt, we promise. Hundreds of people took to Twitter to voice their outrage, with some branding our company the “lowest of the low”.  James Smith; Public Relations - Fruity King “ Our main concern is the treatment of dogs caged andRead More
Meet Zayn, The New Star Of Fruity King’s Advertising Campaign As promised below is the photograph of the huggable Zayn!. We did not expect so much interest. However, it is very much welcomed. The response from fans across social media channels such as Twitter have been overwhelming. We are so happy Fruity King and Zayn have entered the psyche of people across the globe. The raison d’être of this campaign was to bring Fruity King into the public consciousness andRead More
Zayn’s first official image WILL be published tonight April 13th. (London, England) PRESS/MEDIA:  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  13/04/15 Wow, it really has been a whirlwind 24hrs over here at the Fruity King HQ. We recently announced our brand is working on a new advertising campaign starring the gorgeous Zayn!. Fans across the globe have taken to social media to voice their excitement. I need a picture #fruitykingzayn — niaz (@bradfordshines) April 13, 2015 Then it started trending worldwide!Read More
(London, England) PRESS/MEDIA:   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  12/04/15  Mobile gaming company Fruity King are pleased to announce that Zayn will be starring in our new advertising campaign. An official photograph of Zayn will be published for media and public release on Sunday April 12th (8pm GMT) Via our official Twitter account and social media channelsRead More