BIRDZ is a new online video slot developed by Games Warehouse that uses OpenBet platform. It is a thirty payline game full of excitement and fun that gives players a great gaming experience. It also has a total of five bonus features that trigger awesome winning combinations. The game is available to play on desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

BIRDZ Gameplay

This is a thirty payline and five reel video slot game that is situated on wires strung between poles with a bonus trail on one of its side. The wild symbol of the game is an egg and the other symbols are birds of different colors.

Whenever players get a winning combination, those symbols will disappear and their vacant space will be filled up by other symbols to give you another chance of landing a winning combination. On occasion the Shotgun icon becomes active and when it does one of the birds on the reels (wires) will be shot down.

Bonus Features

Whenever players land a winning spin in BIRDZ, they move up by one position on the bonus trail and when they lose during a spin, a bonus feature will be triggered. The bonuses that a player will earn can help them to achieve different winning combinations. There is a bonus feature that replaces low value symbols with higher value symbols as well as extra wild symbols that can result in big payouts.

Zap Bonus

Zap bonus will help you with striking out an entire line which actually gets electrocuted and the selected line will have new BIRDZ on it again.

The Pecking Order, ScareCrow And Cracking Wild Bonus Features

‘Pecking Order Bonus’ helps players by upgrading few of the birds in order to make landing a winning combination more likely. There is another bonus feature called ‘Scarecrow Bonus’ where all the lines on the reel get repopulated to help players get more chances of landing winning combinations. A ‘Cracking Wild Bonus’ adds wild symbols to all the reels. This increases the chances of players getting more winning combinations and winning huge payouts.

To Sum Up

To help players win a nice payout, there are randomly occurring bonus features in which all the symbols will be replaced until they help in landing winning combinations. The game is different from other video slots as players have a cool view of different colored birds flying onto the reels to replace previous ones. BIRDZ is full of fun and entertainment. Players can be sure of activating bonus features frequently to increase their wins and payouts.

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