Live casino gaming is a great leap for online casino gambling and BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is a testimony of the success of live casino gaming.

Introduction of BlackJack Common Draw High Roller was a big success in itself but, the fact that it was introduced with the “Live” tag made it an instant hit among the players.

The fact, that they are playing BlackJack from the comfort of their den but, still accompanied by many other BlackJack lovers in the game, gave chills down their spine and of course, the sheen of money made the experience better and better.

About the Developer

BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is like bliss garnered on the hardcore casino lovers by the big shots of the game developing world, NetEnt Gaming.

With 20 years of experience in the game development industry, NetEnt is still determined to give more gems to the gaming world. NetEnt is the reigning king of the gaming world.

About the Game

The basic rules and regulations of the game are totally similar to the traditional BlackJack. The live dealer will ask the gamers to place their bets at the initio of every new game. The bet has to be placed in a set duration of time; the timer will show the player the time remaining in betting.

The gamer then, needs to select the chip value. He can increase or decrease the stake amount by clicking on the betting box.

The players will get 6 decks of cards to play this game just like the traditional game. The dealer deals his cards and the game begins. He deals two cards in the card stream and one card face up. The deal also includes the first card of the dealer.

The player then places a hand after calculating the value of the two cards presented by the dealer. He can hit, he gets another card, if he presses “Double” the value of stake is doubled. He can split the cards in two hands by pressing “Split”, he can continue dealing with “Stand” or bust while other players complete their hands.

The dealer concludes the game by showing the other card and the winning amount goes to the winner along with a chance to split cards, take money or take the insurance.


BlackJack Common Draw High Roller is a pioneer in the world of live casino gambling. Play BlackJack Common Draw High Roller for a fun and interesting experience.

BJ Common Draw High Roller
BJ Common Draw High Roller
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