Blackjack Single Deck Touch is the most entertaining variant of the popular Blackjack card game. There are power-packed graphics that offer a fantastic gameplay to its players. This card game is compatible with the Mac and Windows-enabled desktops/laptops.

You are getting multiple betting options along with the new bet and Rebet option. Engage yourself in this adventurous frolic and boost your rewards. All you have to do is place the chips and hit on the ‘Deal’ button to see if you have got more points than the dealer.

About the Developer

NetEnt has created a highly interactive Blackjack variant titled as Blackjack Single Deck Touch. It has everything, a smooth gameplay, outstanding graphics, and brilliant in-game features such as new bet and Rebet. It is a must try for all the Blackjack lovers.

About the Game

A player must be competing with the dealer to win in the Blackjack Single Deck Touch. The main aim is to beat the dealer by getting a higher point/s. There are chips of three different sizes £1, £5, and £10 placed which can be used.

Once the chips are placed on the Blackjack table you need to draw the cards by clicking on ‘Deal’ button. There will be two cards drawn the beginning, you may decide to keep the cards by clicking on the ‘stand’ button. If you want to draw more cards you may choose the hit button.

The dealer also will be drawing cards and at the end whoever gets the higher point wins the game. You should always keep in mind that the cards equalling 21 points are termed as Blackjack and straight away your rewards will be doubled.

The Aces are calculated at 1 or 11 points each. Kings, Jacks, and Queens offer 10 points each. All the other cards are calculated at their face value. The player needs to only achieve 21 points which is the highest and if you get 22 points then you are busted which means you lose the bet.

Blackjack Single Deck Touch pays you to win in three different ways:

  •          Blackjack: Pays you 3:1
  •          Insurance: Pays you 2:1
  •          Other Wins: Pays you 1:1

The Blackjack payout happens when you receive 21 points at the beginning of the serve of the first two cards. There is an important feature of Split, where you can split across the first two cards and draw additional cards.

You have the double option, you need to get at least 10 or 11 points, and this feature will be automatically activated. If the points of the dealer match with if you get a tie then the chips that you have invested will be returned.

Final Verdict

Now you don’t have to visit a land-based casino to play a table game. Blackjack Single Deck Touch brings the classic of table game at the convenience of your desktops. Make sure you play using real money mode to get potential wins. Play it now at Fruity King Casino free.

Blackjack Single Deck Touch
Blackjack Single Deck Touch
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