The best thing about slots games is that they are all not the same, each looks different and offers different features and bonuses you can win from. Hong Kong Tower is one such game with a unique theme dedicated to the skyscrapers and showcases the tallest conjoined triple towers in Hong Kong city in the background. This 5 reel slot offers 99 different winning combinations with some stunning and colorful symbols that spin on the reels. The game includes some impressive animations during an appearance of bonus symbols as well as during bonus game play. The betting limits start with £0.20 and end at £100 per spin.

About the developer

The developer of Hong Kong Tower is ELK studios, which started in 2013 and earned immense popularity within just a few years of its inception due to some mind blowing slots they have created. The quality of graphics in their games is a unique and unbeatable that has taken them to the top position among other game leaders.

About the game

Hong Kong Tower is all about winning huge money through their bonus level games that offer huge stakes to be won on every spin. The slot symbols include 7 in gold, diamond, bonsai tree and lotus along with some random low-value Chinese symbols. Gold 7 offers the max stake of all symbols with 1500 times when five of them land on a payline. All symbols make winning combination when they appear from left to right of the slot. Bonus symbols of the game are red and blue yin-yangs and the game logo that represents the mystery feature.

  • Bonus level game: This is the most interesting and exciting part of Hong Kong Tower as there are three giant spin wheels placed on top of each tower. These wheels represent three separate levels; each wheel with different numbers of winning stakes. You can enter this level when the red yin-yang which is the scatter symbol of the game appears three or more times during slot spin. As you enter this bonus game the wheel starts spinning and there is a glowing pointer that actually points towards the next level wheel. Whichever number stops at glowing dot is your stake reward and highest in the first level is 2000 times. Once you get a reward from a number, that number becomes gray and if that area lands on the pointer, the game end. So after every spin, one number becomes a stop indicator.
  • Betting Strategies: The game offers an additional feature which is its four preset betting levels you can choose from. Each of this strategy automatically adjusts your bet amount in order to cut your losses as well as make some profit from your wins. There is optimizer that adjusts bet depending on your fund balance, the booster that keeps raising you amount until you win and hits back to lowest once you win to cover for previous losses, jumper raises amount after every win and leveler raises two levels after five continuous losses.


Hong Kong Tower is a game that offers the highest level of wins, up to 50,000 times your stake in the bonus level. This means, if you bet with £100 and your spin wheel stops at 50,000 in the third level, you get to win a whopping five million pounds to make you instant super rich.

Hong Kong Tower
Hong Kong Tower
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