Live Automatic Roulette

Live automatic Roulette is another wonderful Roulette game from the gaming developer Net Entertainment. It involves automatic spinning of the Roulette wheel in the absence of a live dealer. The game is streamed live from the NetEnt studio in Malta. It is the game of choice for Roulette lovers all across the world.

About the developer

Net Entertainment is not an unknown name in the gaming industry. The company is one of the pioneers in its field and provides gaming software and all kinds of casino games to its clients worldwide. Based in Sweden and headquartered in Stockholm, all the live games are streamed live from its studio in Malta.

About the game

Live automatic Roulette can be played with a huge range of betting options. Your minimum bet can be as low as £1 and the maximum bet can be as high as £20,000. As the game loads, you see a message displaying ‘place your bets’. This is the time that you select from five chip sizes and place the selection on the table to announce your bet. This leads to the spinning of the Roulette wheel and after it stops, a friendly female voice announces the winning number. The hot and cold numbers are visible to you throughout the game on the right - hand side of the screen. You are provided with a number of adjustable game options to further enhance your gaming experience. These include setting the audio and video, full - screen play, paytable, game rules etc. You can also view the bets that the other players have placed by choosing the designated option. You see a button called ‘double all your bets’ which will instantly double the initial bets placed.


Live automatic Roulette is a game that is played with a very wide betting range. Therefore it suits the low risk and medium risk takers and as well as the high rollers alike. The High definition live feed ensures a perfect gaming experience for those who do not mind to play it in the absence of a live dealer. The audio quality is crisp and well placed. The vast game options along with the option to chat with the fellow players, make it one of the most loved Roulette game amongst all kinds.

Live Automatic Roulette
Live Automatic Roulette
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