Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games ever. It has been adapted in various formats and for different mediums. From web to mobile gaming, blackjack is bound to present everywhere. In fact, this game is also popular amongst non-gambling community too. It’s fun to play online but the rush that live gaming brings is beyond description. May be that’s why Microgaming has brought the concept of Live Blackjack targeting this set of customers.

About the Developer

Microgaming is the world’s largest casino game producer. They have till date designed more than 850 games with 1200 variants and many of them have cult fan following. They have something designed for every type of players. With Live Blackjack they are targeting the serious gamers who want a casino experience.

About the Game

The basic concept of Live Blackjack is very simple, to play Blackjack live from the comfort of your home/office. The game is dealt live through various casinos and its streamed through the screens. Players use their screens to choose their bets and choices.
The game is dealt by Playboy bunnies. To elaborate, Microgaming has entered in an official partnership with Playboy that allows all the dealers to dress up as cute bunnies, playboy style. Dealers are normally dressed in designer outfits with bunny ears.
The basic rules of blackjack stay the same here. Players have to hit 21 before the dealer.
Here, eight decks are cards are used and the house edge is 0.52%. There are couple of rules that are different from other casinos offering live blackjack. First one is the player is allowed to split aces and use them to finish the blackjack. Second one is doubling is not allowed on anything except from 9 to 11. Once you make a split, you are not allowed a double.
There is no free or trial game in Live Blackjack and the player has to deposit money before playing it. Once the money is deposited, player is given options to choose the casino they want to play for. Once the choice is done, player join other players on the casino table at the chosen casino.
Live streaming quality is good but it can be improved a bit. The playing screen has the casino table laid out with the chips and the card space. On the top right hand side, the details of the dealer are mentioned. Please note that live chat is disabled and you communicate with the screen. Screen tells the player details, winnings and bet at the bottom.


Live gambling is one of the most exciting way to do it. Live Blackjack is for serious gamblers as it targets people who don’t want to go to a casino but want a casino experience. Playboy bunnies make the game more pleasing to the eye. Technologically the streaming was smooth and there were no glitches or break in. Play it if you don’t like the online gaming experience or a casino is too far away.

Live Blackjack
Live Blackjack
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