5 Interesting Facts about Blackjack

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Blackjack has become the heartthrob of the online casino community. It is played by millions and millions are won through this game. As the casino industry moves to an online base, there are plenty of live blackjack online tables put up for punters. With grand setups and handsome rewards at stake, blackjack has been able to capture the popular fascination once again, this time through its online avatar.

The live casino industry is spearheaded by developer brands like Evolution Gaming, Extreme Gaming, and NetEnt Live. These brands offer live casino sessions, streamed to the player’s device directly from their studios. However, other notable brands like Microgaming, playMGM, Playtech, Virgin, Tropicana, Betfair also offer different variations of blackjack games. With blackjack becoming the talk of the iGaming town, here are 5 Interesting Facts about Online Blackjack.

5 Interesting Facts about Online Blackjack

Fact 1: House Edge in Blackjack is just 1%.

Online Blackjack is a highly rewarding casino game. The house edge, or the mathematical probability that the house will win, is among the lowest in blackjack. This also translates into higher Return To Players (RTP), one of the most fundamental yardsticks of casino games. Most online blackjack games have RTP ranging from 98-99.5%, which gives players a clear edge over the long term. Classic Blackjack from Microgaming has the highest RTP at 99.91%. Compared to State and National Lotteries, where the house edge is more than 50%, blackjack gives the best bang for your luck.

Fact 2: Different Varieties of Blackjack.

On contemporary blackjack scene on the internet is filled with interesting variations of the classic game. Developers offer a mélange of variety in online blackjack, the most popular being Double Exposure Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Vegas Strip, Blackjack Surrender, and Blackjack Switch. A growing number of brands have also started to offer live blackjack tables, exclusively for high rollers. Punters are provided the best dealers, separate cabins, and personalized bonuses.

Fact 3: Blackjack is a Skill-Based Game.

Online blackjack is one of the few table games which are skill-based, the other being video poker. However, traditional strategies like card counting and shuffle tracking are not easy in online blackjack, because the cards are shuffled through machines. The two guiding stones for success in online blackjack are instinct and a subtle understanding of the rules of the game. With a variety of features at play in online blackjacks, there are plenty of strategic advantages in certain positions. Features like multi-hands blackjack and insurance are good ways of making extra profits. The size of bets also plays an important role.

Fact 4: Blackjack Originated in France, Perfected in America.

The roots of blackjack can be traced back to 16th century France and then to 18th century America. The first mention of blackjack is found in the Spanish city of Seville. It was popularized in France as “Vingt-et-un” or 21, derived from the ultimate goal of the game. The card game was introduced to American soldiers during World War 1 who took it back home. An entirely new variant was born where holders of Black Jacks and Ace of Spades were given 10-to-1 payouts.

Fact 5: Several Safety Checks for Blackjack Fair Play.

Blackjack games are regularly audited and checked for fair play. They are not only regulated by gambling licenses but several casinos employ third-party auditors to check the games on a regular basis. The casino games are checked via Random Number Generators. In live casino sessions, cards are tagged with RFID tags, which makes frauds like card-counting impossible. Players also have instant access to floor managers and the ability to play back recordings. Online blackjack games from prominent brands are 100% safe and fair.


Name: 5 Interesting Facts about Blackjack

Posted On: 12/07/2018

Author: James Smith.

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