7 Important Things You Should Know about Divine Fortune Slot

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Divine Fortune was launched in the first month of 2017, just a month after another high-end slot game; Warlords: Crystals of Power. These back to back releases became instant hits in online casino circles. Divine Fortune quickly became a formidable brand, especially in the genre of Greek slots. The graphics of the game is one of the best from NetEnt, while the gameplay is quite average. There are eight basic symbols in Divine Fortune along with the Pegasus Wild Symbol. Divine Fortune have plenty of innovative algorithms at play, which is best suited for medium and high bet sizes. Without further ado, let’s take a look at this 5-reel, 3-row, and 20 paylines slot game.

7 Important Things You Should Know about Divine Fortune Slot

Divine Fortune is a Greek Themed Slot Game

Divine Fortune brings out an ethereal gaming experience that is drenched in Ancient Greek culture. The Slot is based on Greek Mythology and you will find plenty of reference to powerful creatures like Medusa, Phoenix, Nemean Lion, Minotaur and the Aetos Dios, the golden eagle of Zeus. The game has plenty of visual treats and remarkable graphics. It fares well when compared to other Greek themed slot games like the Zeus series from WMS Gaming and Medusa from NextGen.

A Wealth of Features in Divine Fortune

Divine Fortunes is loaded to the brim with classic casino features like Falling Wild Re-spins, Wild on Wild Feature, Jackpot Game, and Free Spins. The Falling Wilds Re-spins is triggered every time a win line is created with the Wild Symbol. This is quite unique, even by NetEnt standards. While the Wild Symbols move down, you can win up to three rounds of free spins. The Wild-on-Wild feature is triggered when you get the Pegasus symbol, while in a Falling Wilds Re-spins mode. This will take your bet to record profits. The Scatter symbols in Divine Slots also carry up to 12 free spins.

Jackpot Bonanza

There are three jackpot levels; Mini Jackpot, a Major Jackpot and a Mega Jackpot. This will instantly charm punters looking for some progressive fun. The jackpots are localized and are triggered by the appearance of the Golden Pegasus Symbol in the base game. Each symbol can win you 10-200 times the bet amount. The reels are renewed with the bonus symbols randomly placed in the new reel. If any one row is filled with the Pegasus Symbol, the player wins the Mini Jackpot. Two rows translate into a Major Jackpot while 3 rows of Wild Symbol mean the Mega Jackpot.

High Variance and Fixed Paylines in Divine Fortune

Divine Fortunes has high variance due to multiple multiples and wild features. Slots games with high variance tend to be riskier but also more rewarding in nature. It has high win probability that can win life-changing amounts but also carry higher chances of loss. Hence, Divine Fortunes is more of a Big Win Slot game rather than Frequent Win Slot Game. The paylines in Divine Fortunes are also fixed and can’t be adjusted with bet size.

Divine Fortune has high RTP

The RTP value of Divine Fortune is 96%, which is more than most progressive slots online. This unusually high Return to Players is great news for punters looking to settle in a game for the long term. The free spins have a hit rate of 1 in 299, which is quite rewarding given the frequency of free spins. However, the game is designed to work well on high bet amounts, usually above the £10 bets.

HTML5 platform for Mobile Gaming.

Divine Fortunes is designed for gambling on the go. It is developed in Java as well as HTML5, making it compatible with every device type. You can seamlessly change accounts as well and continue with your gaming streak. The game is optimizing to fit every screen size and works without a glitch.

NetEnt Released a music album for Divine Fortune

NetEnt Records, a subsidy of the parent company, has released two songs from Divine Fortune Slots in March 2018. The album, named Divine Fortune, has two songs, the Dream of the Unicorn and Walls of Marble. Both these songs appear in the game at various points.


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