The Beauty of Online Scratch Cards and Why You Should Play Them

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Everyone loves games, especially games of chance where you could potentially win a lot from very little. Scratch cards are among the most alluring and timeless games of chance that, if anything, have actually gained in popularity recently.

The humble scratch card as we know them today really took off during the late seventies and were primarily used as a marketing tool. The idea was to promote a product by offering a simple card, composed of six or more grids covered in an opaque film. Potential customers, or a target market, would then scratch off the film to reveal a mystery prize giveaway underneath.

The Beauty of Online Scratch Cards and Why You Should Play Them

The idea was a massive success and pretty soon spread throughout the world in various guises, used as a tool for product launches, charity drives and more. Of course it makes total sense that the idea of scratching a surface to reveal what lies beneath would appeal to people, after all, we all love the idea of buried treasure don’t we?

Scratch cards have not evolved that much over the past three or four decades since the basic original design and concept is essentially perfect. The only thing that has changed is the number of different scratch cards you can get these days. Scratch cards have evolved from a mere marketing tool to become a game in and of themselves.

There are also plenty of independent operators offering a range of scratch card games which are available just about everywhere, from dedicated scratch card kiosks to supermarket outlets. Scratch cards offer all sorts of prizes from physical prizes such as cars, gadgets and holidays, to cash amounts which can go from a couple quid up to a few million. Some scratch cards offer instant prizes, which means that you can collect your prize on the spot for some instant gratification!

Next Level Scratch Card Gaming!

So that’s the basic story of how scratch cards developed. However, if you were thinking that scratch cards are just something that your nan and her friends did to pass the time, you would be sorely mistaken!

Scratch cards online are a huge business and there seems to be no end in sight to their popularity on the web. This is because online scratch cards are now being offered by top online casinos and are treated on the same level as slots, keno, video poker and other popular casino games.

In case you were wondering how they work, thanks to internet technology, online scratch cards look and operate exactly like their real life cousins. The digital versions look like the scratch cards you get down at your local supermarket or kiosk, with colourful graphics and cool themes. You can even ‘scratch’ the opaque surface using your mouse to reveal the prize beneath!

Many scratch card fans are now switching over to the online version for a few great reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to go anywhere to play scratch cards anymore, just log on and start scratching. You can even play them on your mobile device, so you can scratch to your heart’s content on the bus, in the doctor’s office (that sounds weird I know), or anywhere you like.

Another great benefit of switching to the online version of scratch cards is the amount of options you have. Since it is digital and not physical in any way, there are no restrictions or limitations in how many types of scratch card games you can play. You can even play multiple scratch cards at the same time and, if you are a hard core scratcher, you can click on the accompanying ‘reveal all’ button to see within a second if you’ve won anything.

The cool thing about scratch cards is that they are super easy to play, they only take a few seconds each. So even if you are at an online casino for the great roulette, blackjack or slots, you can play a few rounds of scratch cards when you need a break from the super-intense roulette or blackjack table.


Name: The Beauty of Online Scratch Cards and Why You Should Play Them

Posted On: 19/09/2017

Author: James Smith.

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