Five Interesting Things You Should Know About Playing Online Mobile Slots

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Slots have become a staple for millions of avid online casino players and are believed to be among the most efficient and slickest casino games to boost your bankroll. Indeed, over the past decade, online slots have presented punters with the most lucrative and gratifying opportunities across the ever-growing iGaming world.

The buzz, the lights, the clicking coins, the ringing, the jackpots! These games have become the epitome of the 21st century online casino gambling. Whether it’s successfully negotiating the cunning sheik, the killer cobras, and the beautiful princess in the famous Desert Treasure or trying your luck with the money-spinning progressive jackpots, slots are always thrilling!

Five Interesting Things You Should Know About Playing Online Mobile Slots

But with so many variations, promotions, terms of play, and game jargons to navigate through, sometimes online slots can seem a little daunting. Here are five interesting things you should know about playing mobile slots.

Tip 1: Online Slots vs Other Online Casino Games, Where Do You Have a Better Chance of Winning?

Online casino games have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, online slots are action packed and fast moving, but they can drain your money very fast—or raise your bankroll in an instant! On the other hand, online table games, such as roulette and blackjack, are usually better for your bottom line but require concentration, effort, and move a little bit slower.

Although online slots promise lucrative winnings (as is the case with the progressive jackpots), they hold high house advantage, which mostly works against your bets. That’s why we don’t have jackpot winners every day! The house advantage refers to how much chance the house has of winning your bet.

The best thing about playing table casino games is that the house advantage is normally low because you are given room for strategy. In this regard, blackjack is touted as having the best odds of winning—with its house advantage being just 1% in most casinos. The next is roulette. However, the slow pace of the table games can be disadvantageous. Yes, you can keep track of your wins and losses, but they can be unbearably slow which translates to slow accumulation of winnings.

In contrast, the payback rate for most online casino slots is 96% (or higher) meaning faster accumulation of winnings. Basically, if you are a strategist, go for table games, if you love to take risks, try slots!

Tip 2: Are All Mobile Slots the Same in Payment Rates?

No. Different slots pay out different rates within the same casino as well as across different online casinos. How much a particular slot pays depends on its pay-out percentage. This is the amount, expressed in percentage, that is returned to the player from an online slot game.

To put this in simple terms, if you stake £100 for a particular mobile slot with a percentage of 95%, you’ll get an average return of £95, and 5%(£5) will go to the house. It should be noted that this is normally calculated over thousands or millions of spins. Therefore, a player can either experience a lot of wins, or a lot of losses, or anywhere in between.

Tip 3: Is There A Secret to Winning a Jackpot?

Again, No. Unlike table games, there is no way you can win an online slot game or jackpots based on your strategies, bluffing or trickery. Slots are random and are only controlled by random number generator (RNG)—a computer-run program (algorithm) that randomly chooses a number. Each number to number is connected to a symbol and when that symbol/number is chosen, the reel stops.

Tip 4: How Do You Win in An Online Mobile Slot?

By getting lucky! There are no specialists or gambling gurus when it comes to online slot games!

Tip 5: What are the Best Types of Mobile Slots?

Choosing the best mobile slots can be daunting because the list is very large and diverse. There is a wide range of mobile slots including 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, video slots, bonus slots, retro slots, mobile-optimised slots, and progressive jackpot slots to name a few. These online slots offer different exciting features including sliding symbols, wild multipliers, lucrative bonus rounds, and free spins. Check out this list to find out online mobile slots that suit your mobile operating system, whether it’s iOS, Windows, Blackberry, or Android.


Name: Five Interesting Things You Should Know About Playing Online Mobile Slots

Posted On: 24/05/2018

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