Funding Your Mobile Casino Account is Easier than You Think

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If you wish to follow the technology payments trends, then it may be necessary to go back all the way to where it started. It was said that clay tokens were used 8,000 B.C.E by the Sumerian Empire and in the seventh-century money was a single-sided electrum coin. Even though it has changed dramatically since then, no one could ever have foreseen the dramatic series of changes impelled by the adoption of digital technologies. The increasing ubiquity of mobile devices is driving the financial infrastructure to leapfrog nations while delivering dynamic changes in financial innovations.

We are born in an interesting era where new technological advancements go hand in hand with convenience. You are indeed one of the lucky ones, especially since mobile money refers to a wide selection of financial services that can be accessed via mobile devices. The leading uses of mobile money services used to be airtime purchases, remittances, and bill payments. A few years ago if anyone was asked to picture money they would conjure up images of metal, paper, and plastic. With the rise of mobile banking and e-money, those images are replaced by thoughts of a mobile app. The three main rules in retail as we all know are location, location, and location, in mobile money it is partnership, partnership and again partnership.

Funding Your Mobile Casino Account is Easier than You Think

Most Profound Financial Era Since The 1970s

It was said a while ago, that civilization has entered the most profound era of financial services change, since ATM’s. As such, the mobile casino deposit by phone bill option is now offered here at Fruity King, where you can enjoy all the latest releases and make hassle-free deposits via your phone. This is where partnerships come in, and currently, are is multiple pay by phone companies including PayViaPhone working in conjunction with micropayment services suppliers such as PhonepayPlus, AIME or Ofcom.

Play Now, Pay Later

To start, it is most important to check that your phone setting is set up to approve mobile payments and if you make use of a prepaid service, check that your deposit would be covered by the remaining credit. Funding your Fruity King casino account is quick and really easy; simply head over to the cashier and select the payment option of your choice. You will need to enter the amount you wish to deposit and your mobile number and depending on the service. To guide you through the process, instructions are provided, and a confirmation message will be displayed on your mobile device once the order is confirmed. By confirming receipt of a mobile message/text, the transaction is processed and the funds are instantly cleared into your casino account.

The great part is that the deposit appears on your phone bill and depending on the deposit date, the payment could not be required with the bill for the current month but rather the following one. The payment needs to be made to your service provider just like all other payments or purchases via mobile.

Biggest Advantages of Mobile Casino Deposits via Phone Bill

Mobile online casino payment processors require very little personal information from you, which hugely decreases the amount of financial data you share over the net. The deposits are debited to your phone bill, which can be settled via debit order, bank transfers or your credit card. The one fact that all mobile users love, especially in the UK, is that all deposits are handled instantaneously, allowing you to enjoy the great selection of Fruity King casino games immediately.

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Name: Funding Your Mobile Casino Account is Easier than You Think

Posted On: 17/03/2018

Author: James Smith.

James Smith has been writing about casino games and strategies for over a decade. He is an expert in the industry and loves to help people get started with online gambling. In his free time, James enjoys reading books by other successful authors, cycling around town, or playing poker.