How to Win at Roulette

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Roulette is a massively popular game right here at Fruity King, played by loads of people every day. In this article, we’re going to do something that no other casino would: we’re going to give you tips on how you can increase your chances of winning while playing the game! If you follow the three tips below, you should find that you have the very best chance possible of walking away from the roulette table as a winner…

Responsible Gambling

Always Play French Roulette

The first thing to say is this: when you play online roulette, always play the French version. Many people shy away from this game, but it offers the lowest house edge of all main versions of roulette. The result? Over a long period of play, you have the best chance of actually winning some money. You won’t even have to learn about the more complex bets as, as you’ll see later, a top roulette player will only ever need to make one of two different bets on the board.

But why is French roulette the best choice? Well, unlike American roulette, there is no 00 on the wheel, which gives a massive boost to your chances of winning straightaway. What’s more, the game also features something called the la partage rule, which returns half your money to you when the ball lands on zero and you’ve made an even money bet.

Make Even Money Bets

Next up, you should always make even money bets. This means that you should only ever bet on red/black and odd/even. While these bets offer the lowest prizes, using them over a long period of play should result in a better return. Just think: you can double your money nearly 50% of the time, while betting on a single number will, on average, only see you win every 37 turns.

Roulette tables make their money mainly from people betting on long shots, hoping to get rich simply through one spin of the wheel. The savvy player will be in it for the long haul though and will be prepared to build their profits over many days and months.

Practice Good Bankroll Management

Finally, you absolutely must use good bankroll management. This means that you should not bet recklessly, and instead protect the money you currently have. By doing so, you’ll always have something left to bet with, meaning that you shouldn’t need to top up your account with extra deposits.

We’d recommend this: never risk more than 5% of your entire bankroll in a playing session. So, if you have £100, just play with £5 of it. If you lose the £5, be prepared to walk away and come back another time. Also, have a cap on how much you can win. If, for example, you have a cap on winnings of £20, walk away from the table when you reach this figure. It’ll feel really good to stand up and leave with the knowledge that you’ve managed to better the roulette table!


Name: How to Win at Roulette

Posted On: 16/09/2019

Author: James Smith.

James Smith has been writing about casino games and strategies for over a decade. He is an expert in the industry and loves to help people get started with online gambling. In his free time, James enjoys reading books by other successful authors, cycling around town, or playing poker.