Why Playing Casino Games on Your Mobile is Better Than Anything Else!

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Casino games have been around for hundreds of years and most of them are based on other games that go even further back, some right to the beginning of recorded history! The modern casino is as much a part of popular culture as anything, thanks to Hollywood movies like 21, Hangover (the ‘rain man’ casino scene is especially priceless), and of course – the iconic James Bond franchise (when isn’t there a casino scene?). In fact, one of the James Bond films is even named ‘Casino Royale’ which is kind of a case in point really.

However, the world of today is a totally different beast, thanks to the incredible advances made in technology over a relatively short space of time. The knock on effect, especially in mobile technology, has changed many industries – the casino one especially. Of course I’m referring to the rise of mobile slots gaming in particular here.

Why Playing Casino Games on Your Mobile is Better Than Anything Else!

Online casinos began to appear on the web in the mid to late nineteen nineties and quickly became almost as popular as Friends. For many, the dream of being able to actually experience what playing games at a casino was like, suddenly became a reality. Before the invention of the internet, regular folks had only seen a casino in movies (thanks James!).

Most could only fantasise about what it would be like to ‘put it all on black’ – dry martini firmly in hand. Joining an online casino in the early days obviously came with several limitations, mainly linked to still-primitive web technology, but still, the blackjack and roulette tables provided a taste of the adrenaline pumping excitement to come.

The Rise of the Online Casino

As it is with any industry, progress comes with time and, as time went on, online casinos not only became more prevalent – they became a lot better too. More software developers started to appear and joined the likes of online casino gaming innovators Microgaming and Playtech.

The quality of graphics, realistic sounds of bustling casino lobbies and more, all added to the overall player experience. Regular folks started to make millions in an instant, thanks to so-called progressive jackpot games (Microgaming’s Mega Moolah broke world records) which in turn fuelled the online casino boom.

Mobile Casino Gaming – The Next Level

Mobile phone technology is a bit like the baby brother of the internet and has had a similarly profound effect on our lives. The first mobile phones that began to appear in earnest during the nineties (mobile technology actually goes back to the seventies), were huge big clunky things. Anyone that remembers the nineties will immediately know what ‘brick’ means when referring to early mobile phones.

Flash forward to now and the online casino industry has once again been revolutionised – this time by mobile technology. Smartphones and tablets have allowed casino gamblers to play their favourite casino game where ever they like. The first mobile casino games were only available through WAP technology and a bit later –through dedicated apps for Android or iOS devices.

However, thanks to HTML5 mobile web technology, top online casinos now offer their games without the need for dedicated app downloads (which excluded non-Android or iOS users), allowing more players to experience casino gaming on the go. Today, mobile casino gaming is the number one way that players access their games and more software providers are designing games specifically for this medium.

Mobile casinos offer all of the same features and advantages that can be accessed via desktop including lucrative bonuses and other promotions, a myriad of flexible banking options, 24 hour mobile support, top website security and more. In fact, the latest mobile casinos even offer live dealer games which feature a live HD video stream from a real casino.

The full mobile casino package really gives you the ultimate in both choice and in convenience. Accessing virtually any casino game you like on the go, with the added realism of playing exclusive table games almost as if you were at the actual casino – and not on the bus on the way to Hackney!


Name: Why Playing Casino Games on Your Mobile is Better Than Anything Else!

Posted On: 11/09/2017

Author: James Smith.

James Smith has been writing about casino games and strategies for over a decade. He is an expert in the industry and loves to help people get started with online gambling. In his free time, James enjoys reading books by other successful authors, cycling around town, or playing poker.