Test Houses in the UK Gambling Space

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We at Fruity King often come across questions and concerns in the public domain regarding the legitimacy of online casino games. This includes the likes of “Are online slot games fair” or “How do I know if a casino is trustworthy”.
The good news for you is that the UK gambling industry is one of the most regulated and water-tight in the online casino space. While all UK casinos must be in full receipt of a license issued by the Gambling Commission, Test Houses also play a crucial role in keeping the industry safe.

Test Houses in the UK Gambling Space

In a nutshell, Test Houses certify that each and every casino game is fair and legitimate before it hits the online UK casino space.

If you’re interested in learning about what a Test House is, what they do, and why their role is crucial in ensuring casino games are fair, be sure to read our brief article.

What are Test Houses?

Test Houses are the all-important gatekeepers between newly launched casino games and the gambling platform itself. In its most basic form, when a software company develops a new casino game, it must first go through a highly thorough testing process with a Test House.

Whether it’s table games such as blackjack and roulette, slots online, or even virtual scratch cards, the Test House will want to ensure that each and every gaming outcome is true and fair. Otherwise, how would you know that the game you are playing is legitimate?

On of the key metrics that Test Houses are interested in is the underlying RNG (Random Number Generator). As the name suggests, this is a piece of technology that ensures that every gaming outcome is random. The technology is so advanced that the chances of a third party pre-defining the outcome of a game runs into the billions-to-one.

However, as software developers themselves design and build the RNG, Test Houses must perform rigorous tests to make sure the technology is ultra-robust.

The other key area of testing that Test Houses are focused on is the RTP (Return-to-Player) of the game. Expressed as a percentage, the RTP illustrates the long-term pay-out of a particular game. For example, if the RTP is set at 95%, this means that over the course of time, the game will pay-out 95% of everything it takes from players.

All in all, not only does this stringent testing process make sure that the games are true and fair, but it also ensures that the underlying technology cannot be tampered with. In other words, it should be beyond all certainty that neither the casino nor the player, can tamper with the online casino game.

How Can I be Sure That Test Houses Themselves are Legit?

We at Fruity King are also asked about the legitimacy of the Test Houses themselves. This is an excellent question and one that must be explored further.

In a nutshell, Test Houses must be regulated by the  Gambling Commision. In order to certify casino games before they are launched to the UK market, the game must have gone through a Test House approved by the Gambling Commission.

The interesting thing here is that much like casino operators, Test Houses must go through a highly stringent approval process before they can obtain a license. Not only this, but the Gambling Commission will continue to monitor Test Houses on an ongoing basis, much like it does with the online casinos it licenses.

Among many other metrics, Test Houses must be in receipt of the ISO 17025 accreditation. This globally recognized accreditation ensures that international testing standards are met. If a Test House meets this standard, the Gambling Commission will then run a full audit to ensure that they are satisfied with the company’s internal procedures. In other words, the Commission wants to feel satisfied that the testing processes implemented by Test Houses are water-tight.

Main Test Houses to Look out for

As noted above, the Gambling Commission has very strict standards when it comes to issuing licenses to Test Houses, and thus, only 15 are currently in existence. Here are the main four Test Houses below.

    • eCOGRA:

      eCOGRA has been supplying UK and European software developers with Test House services since 2013.

    • Gaming Associates Europe:

      With a strong focus on statistical randomness, Gaming Associates Europe ensures that casino games are legitimate.

    • iTech Labs:

      Although iTech Labs is based in Australia, the Test House is fully licensed and approved to test casino games for the UK market.

Our Commitment to Fair Gaming

We at FruityKing.co.uk have a strong commitment to fair gaming. We want our players to know that we only ever host games that have gone through the long Test House process. You’ll know that a particular casino game has been tested for its legitimacy by looking out for its certification logo.


Are all casino games fair?

Before a casino game is launched to the UK market, it must first go through a highly stringent testing process with a licensed Test House.

How do I know if a site has been tested by a Test House?

If a casino game is hosted at an operator licensed by the Gambling Commission (which it needs to be if servicing UK players), then the game will have first been tested by a Test House.

Are all Test Houses trustworthy?

All Test Houses must be licensed by the Gambling Commission. Obtaining a license is no easy feat, as the Test House must illustrate that it meets the strict requirements set out by the Commission.

What’s the biggest Test House?

All 15 regulated Test Houses have an important role to play in keeping the industry fair.

How do I complain if I believe a game is not fair?

If you have doubts about the fairness of a casino game, you should take this up with the Gambling Commission.


Name: Test Houses in the UK Gambling Space

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