Top Three Jackpot Games You Should Be Playing At Fruity King Right Now!

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Of all online casino games, online slots are arguably the most popular options due to their ease of play, fun design and range of game winning special features. However, within the online slots genre, one finds a very special kind of game, with the potential to make you an instant millionaire from just a single spin! These are known as jackpot games and, if you’ve never played them, we’re about to show you why you should be!

Top Three Jackpot Games You Should Be Playing At Fruity King Right Now!

Jackpots vs. Regular Slots – What’s the Difference?

At first glance there really doesn’t seem to be anything that different between regular slot games and jackpot games. The majority of jackpot games, also known as progressive jackpots, use the exact same structure as regular slots do. In other words, jackpot games use either three or five reels, as well as a variety of similar symbols.

So what’s the big difference then? Simple, in regular slot games you will get what is known as a ‘fixed jackpot’. Now, this doesn’t mean the jackpot is rigged and you’ll never win it! No, what this means is that, regardless of how many people play the game, the jackpot total (the biggest amount that you can win) never changes.

On the other hand, a progressive jackpot offers a non-fixed jackpot. While both offer a jackpot, most players will refer to the progressive jackpot games as ‘jackpots’ which, admittedly, can get a bit confusing. The reason it’s called a ‘progressive’ is that the jackpot total well, progresses. In other words, as more people put money in to play the game, a certain percentage of their bet is added to the overall jackpot total. You will always notice the progressive jackpot games at most casinos as these are the ones with a total that keeps growing as you watch.

Top Three Jackpots at Fruity King Right Now

Fruity King is the leading outlet for top slot games and carries a wide range to suit all tastes from popular ‘pub fruities’ through to the latest and most complex themed video slots. Among their vast collection, one will find an excellent range of progressive jackpots too.

If you are new to slots or progressive jackpots for that matter, take a look at our top three recommended progressive jackpots to get your feet wet with!


To start with, the name of this jackpot slot is great – it sounds like you could win a tsunami of money! That’s a great place to start with your first expedition into the world of progressive jackpot games. The game was developed by Microgaming, the leading online slot brand with well over 850 slots currently in circulation.

Why You Should be Playing it:

One of this jackpots best features is its simplicity. This is the ideal jackpot game to begin with if you are new to progressives. The game is structured on the classic 3 reel system similar to most pub fruities. Expect classic symbols including stars and bars along with a potentially massive pay day when played on max bet.

Thunderstruck II

This sequel to Microgaming’s classic Thunderstruck is already a cult classic. Its little wonder as the game revolves around battling Norse gods with tons of bonus features to provide hours of action-packed fun and entertainment.

Why You Should be Playing it:

Unlike Tunzamuni, Thunderstruck II features a more modern 5 reels with an incredible 243 ways to win. The biggest attraction to this jackpot (aside from the awesome Viking graphics) is its bonus rounds. There are four different bonus games to play including Valkyrie, Loki, Odin, and of course, Thor. Each of these comes with its own set of multipliers, wilds and more.

Divine Fortune

Microgaming are not the only software brand producing great progressive jackpots. NetEnt, another world-class gaming provider, have developed plenty of excellent jackpots that have made more than a few overnight millionaires already. Divine Fortune is one of their most popular games and features a wonderful Ancient Greek theme.

Why You Should be Playing it:

Divine Fortune follows the modern 5 reel format with 20 paylines, making it easy for regular slots players to enjoy this jackpot game. The game will immerse you in the Ancient Greek struggle between good and evil a la Clash of the Titans as heroes battle for glory. While all this is happening, you can win tons of cash thanks to wilds, multipliers, free spins and re-spins and a shot at a potentially massive progressive jackpot.


Name: Top Three Jackpot Games You Should Be Playing At Fruity King Right Now!

Posted On: 11/09/2017

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