What is Gamification?

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There are many different aspects to online casinos, including exciting bonuses and games, and casinos have now started to use something called gamification to make these aspects more interesting. You might not have heard of the process before, but once you’ve finished reading this page, you should understand that you’ve experienced gamification many times online before! This isn’t a bad thing though, as gamification really does make things more interesting – something that should be great for every online casino player.

What is Gamification?

What Exactly is Gamification?

So, what exactly is gamification? Well, it’s the process of turning something into a game. By doing so, the action in question becomes much more exciting, simply because most humans love to work towards a goal. Online casinos aren’t the only companies using gamification – instead, it’s found everywhere, from social media sites, all the way through to educational sites. If you went and searched on Google now, you’d find hundreds, if not thousands, of examples.

Some Examples of Gamification

The best example of gamification is seen when casinos use loyalty schemes. It used to be that points were collected, and then exchanged for prizes. It’s often far more complex now though. Players have different levels they need to reach – much like a computer game – and doing so will lead to all kinds of different prizes. What’s more, reaching a certain level will bring a sense of achievement for the player.

You’ll also often now find casinos offering daily challenges, which could be anything from winning a certain amount on one of the best mobile slots, through to completing a set number of different casino challenges. When completed, the player often gets a prize, before then heading off and trying to complete the next challenge on the list.

The final type of casino gamification to mention is competitions, which are now becoming increasingly popular. For example, there might be a competition to see who can win the most on a specific slot in just 50 spins. Players are then ranked on a leaderboard, and the top players receive prizes. It’s a great way for casinos to encourage people to play, plus it’s fantastic fun for the players as well.

How Gamification Benefits Players and Casinos

One of the really cool things about gamification is the fact that everyone benefits. Let’s start with the benefits to the player though. The biggest is the fact that the entire casino experience has an extra layer of excitement added to it, so players enjoy their time playing even more. After all, who doesn’t like completing a goal? If humans didn’t, the entire video game industry would never have gotten off the ground!

Players also benefit financially, as they’re able to earn money and bonuses by completing the different gamification challenges. It might be a few free spins on a top online slot machine, which could turn into a nice win, or it could be real cash being added to a casino account. The harder the challenge is, the better the prize is likely to be.

Casinos also benefit too, as introducing gamification gives players more incentive to play – something that is always a good thing for the casino. Gamification also ensures that a casino’s players are having loads of fun, and this extra fun should see the casino’s player retention increase dramatically.

So, gamification is a really important aspect of online casinos today, and it looks like it’s set to stay. Why not try to spot some gamification when you next head over to your favourite online casino website?


Name: What is Gamification?

Posted On: 09/06/2019

Author: James Smith.

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